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This website provides the PV Solar Public Investment Evaluation Tool developed by the UK-Brazil Green Finance Cooperation Programme, through the UK Partnership for Accelerated Climate Transition fund of the British Government. The Programme is implemented by the consortium including EY, the Carbon Trust, SITAWI and IMC Worldwide and includes various workstreams to support federal and subnational Brazilian entities with the common objective to foment investments in sustainable infrastructure. The evaluation tool and its user guide are products developed for the State Government of Minas Gerais and the Minas Gerais State Development Bank (BDMG) by the Carbon Trust in partnership with ICLEI, Mitsidi, IESS and Instituto Ideal e Fotovoltaica UFSC.

The tool is available in two formats: (i) MG Version: limited to serve the municipalities of Minas Gerais and composed of two evaluation levels described in the user guide: (a) quick evaluation; and (b) detailed evaluation; (ii) National Version: allows the user to select municipalities from all over Brazil, but only has the quick evaluation level.

For user comfort, the tool and its user guide are available for download in .xls and .pdf respectively. The tool in .xls contains a series of calculations and premises carefully determined throughout the development of the project according to the current Brazilian context, prices, and medium factors – extensively debated amongst sector specialists and project beneficiaries. To avoid any premise alterations that may affect the tools functionality the tool is protected and does not allow editing. The Brazil Green Finance Delivery Consortium will not take responsibility or respond to content and functionalities of copies of the tool downloaded and modified or passed on to third parties.